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Microtechnique manufactures small metal parts for the high-end watchmaking.

Our Company

Microtechnique Swiss SA is an independent enterprise specialized in the machining of small metal parts, mainly for the high-end watch making.

Thanks to its experience in the sector, its exclusive machines and skilled technicians, Microtechnique Swiss can perform complex machining operations in order to meet the most demanding expectations of its Customers. For each project ,the Microtechnique Swiss technical studio works closely with its Customers for the development of the final product.
Microtechnique Swiss is a reliable and responsive partner which offers to his Clients his experience with a large range of Swiss-Made solutions and an excellent price-quality ratio.

Microtechnique Swiss
Les Bois, in the Heart of the Swiss Watchmaking Industry

Les Bois, in the Heart of the Swiss Watchmaking Industry.

Our products

A finished product Made in Switzerland

For the high-end watch industry, Microtechnique Swiss produces the majority of the elements that compose the bracelet, including links, clasp and buckle’s parts, and many other components.

Microtechnique Swiss works also in the eyewear industry, in the medical and dental fields.

Microtechnique Swiss
Small metal parts Swiss Industry
Components customization for the watchmaking

Microtechnique Swiss is specialized in the machining of all types of non-precious metals, in particular: INOX 1.4435INOX 1.4441 MedicalTitanium Grade 2,4,5 and other special alloys.

Microtechnique Swiss studies and responds to all the requests of small, medium and large series. The company proposes different solutions for the production of simple and complicated pieces.

High precision Machines

The production department

Microtechnique Swiss has an exclusive fleet of special machines of high precision and high productivity capacity.

The fleet is composed by :

  • Vertical Transfert Machines with 6 and 8 units
  • Horizontal Transfert Machines with 8 and 10 units
  • Single bar multi-spindle Machines
  • Linear milling Machines
Microtechnique Swiss
Precision mechanics Machine
Machines for Swiss watchmaking small metal parts
Precision mechanics Machine

The Microtechnique Swiss fleet is provided directly from the company MULTI-LINKS. Some of these machines have been produced and personalized according to the products in order to give to its Clients a swift , competitive and high quality service. It is a dynamic fleet which can adapt itself to each expectation of the present. With a modular equipment the company can satisfy the needs of tomorrow.

The Quality

Microtechnique Swiss has a quality control department with the best measuring instruments. These instruments are regularly checked by authorized companies, which certify their correct functioning.

Highly skilled technicians plan rigorous controls throughout the production process. This ensures the required quality of the product.

Microtechnique Swiss quality control department works closely with its Customers in order to establish machining and control processes. This always guarantees a constant and a high quality product.

Microtechnique Swiss
Swiss Quality
Swiss precision

In each delivery phase, Microtechnique Swiss provides dimensional, aesthetic and chemical-physical control reports. These reports go along with each batch of the pieces, ensuring a perfect traceability of the product.


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